Your primordial purity beckons.

Embark on a pilgrimage to your point of origin in body, mind and spirit.

Origin’s unique hacienda-style desert sanctuary offers guests the much sought-after opportunity to become intimately reacquainted with their true nature. Stillness. Wholeness. Purity.

As you rediscover the miracle of your own inner peace, you will naturally attune to the biorhythms of the adjacent environs and its various inhabitants. The transformative power of the high desert of New Mexico along with the rich cultural and spiritual tradition of our 145 acres adjacent to the original San Juan Pueblo will help guests melt and unfold, recalibrating the nervous system.

Another world, nearby.

Anchored by the inspiring and unique Ojo Caliente sandstone buttes, the sacred history of this land invokes both soulful explorations and high adventure. Guests will bathe in the expansive skies and may soak in the world renowned geothermal hot springs of Ojo Caliente just 10 minutes away.

Those seeking to ground and reconnect will marvel at the harbinger of transformation and magic tucked within this property:  a hand-carved cave created by world renowned artist Ra Paulette. Just one moment in this awe-inspiring work of art – aptly named Windows of the Earth – will leave a lasting and indelible impression of beauty and possibility. Ra Paulette’s sacred chambers amplify the power of stillness and sound healing potential.

Old-world charm.

Origin’s luxurious accommodations, inspired by old-world Spanish hacienda design, consists of four guest casitas surrounding a central courtyard and an adjacent main house with common spaces and abundant outdoor dining areas and patios. This 5,700-square-foot property provides many options for those seeking solace or adventure in this celebrated high-country desert playground between Santa Fe and Taos.

The private gated community offers a unique and protected glimpse into some of the most notorious countryside in the area, known as Georgia O’Keeffe country. Deep blue skies, jaw-dropping sunsets and serenity prevail as you make yourself at home in this veritable still point, surrounded by neighboring river valleys and towering mesa tops.

Inspiration is assured, whether you are intrigued by local petroglyphs, hot springs, hiking, biking, art tours or historic study of native inhabitants of the valley. Abiquiu Lake calls to outdoor and fishing enthusiasts as does the nearby Taos Ski Valley. Fine dining and opportunities for art aficionados are available just a short 38 miles south in the City of Santa Fe.

Fill your senses and your spirit with an enchanted stay at Origin.

Our vision.

Based on her own healing journey and personal experience,  Jill Marie Inanna has answered a deep calling to offer Origin as a sacred space for individual and group healing and transformation, and for community council on issues of importance to fellow northern New Mexicans.

In the spirit of re-entering the natural current of life, the life-sustaining and life-generating flow, Origin provides a venue for full and safe expression. Laughter, play, art, singing and dancing, along with introspection and contemplative solitude, provide balance and act as a catalyst for the re-envisioning process that many are seeking in today’s world.

People come to Origin to gently or seismically recalibrate to the natural world as they focus on their spiritual and healing journey. Seekers of solitude and community will be at home at Origin. Visitors, as part of a retreat, may practice individually inside the cave as well as participate in group activities including yoga, meditation, drumming, chanting and sound healing with a collection of crystal singing bowls and tuning forks.

Origin offers initiatory grounds and supreme nourishment for you to gestate the change you desire in your life and your world. This sacred space provides a platform for necessary and collective dialogues about growing in consciousness at this pivotal time in history. Allow this peaceful setting to serve as the healing salve for the epidemic pain caused by ever-increasing disconnection from our true nature and Nature itself. Time at Origin will help you shore up your seminal architecture of wholeness and oneness.


Nourishment. Stewardship. Community.

The core tenets of Origin LLC include:

  • Nourishment of body, mind and soul
  • Stewardship of the personal body, energetic body and extended body (our environment)
  • Community (diversity, support and creation of a learning environment)
  • Expression (singing, dancing, art, laughter, safety in expression)


Welcome to Origin, northern New Mexico’s luxury guest resort and small event venue. 505.747.2374