Genesis Sound Bath Healing

Come bathe in the sacred and alchemical sound waves of the crystal singing bowls, to recalibrate your entire being. Guests will enjoy the venue of our new beautiful 27’ yurt, with the opportunity to experience the highest quality crystal singing bowls as played by Origin at Rancho de San Juan owner, Jill Marie Inanna. This sonic concert will begin with a short guided meditation, as guests recline on a yoga mat and become fully receptive to the deep meditative and nurturing state that will follow. Essential oils will be applied to all guests, and then the group acoustic healing of roughly 30 minutes will proceed, designed to lead listeners on a profound journey of self discovery, deep relaxation and expansion of consciousness. The session will terminate with another guided meditation.

The concert experience comprises anywhere from 6 to 10 clear quartz crystal singing bowls by Crystal Tones™ that further activate with the alchemical composition of precious gemstones, minerals and precious metals that are added into the bowls. The science of Cymatics studies the beautiful organizing power of sound waves on water molecules. As humans, our body composition can contain as much as 78% water. Hence, sound waves have the very powerful ability to change our very physiology, open all our energetic systems, and catalyze profound energetic release and return us to our divine space of homeostasis and vitality. The human body is crystalline in structure, and the clear quartz crystal for these bowls, mined from one of the best mines in the world in North Carolina, communicates effortlessly and effectively with the crystal nature of our very make up, making them a dynamic tool for health and healing.

Participants should dress in comfortable clothing, as they will be asked to lay down on yoga mats with cushions and blankets for comfort. We provide the yoga mats, eye pillows, cushions, and blankets. Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled time, to check in at main lodge desk and get settled, as guests will not be admitted after punctual start time to respect other guests.

Price: By Reservations for Private Groups, $500.00, up to 20 participants

Allow for 1 hr 45 minutes

Location: Origin at Rancho de San Juan Yurt

Contact Information:
or 505.699.1052 Book online at