Sound Meditation Training

Primordial Sound Meditation instruction: Learn to meditate from a Chopra Center-certified instructor. Our program includes nine hours of instruction consisting of four sessions over several days.

Everyone and anyone can meditate. Successfully adopt this practice into your daily life with instruction in this ancient technique from India using the healing and profound sounds of nature as your mantra. This will help you reawake your creativity, find balance, and reconnect with your essential nature as a dynamic, vital, and whole being. Journey back to your still point and your origin.

Revel in the opportunity of meditating  in the Windows of the Earth cave sanctuary, a one-of-a-kind experience in transformation. Meditation helps us return to wholeness and vitality as it alleviates the effects of stress and counteracts a wide range of health problems by empowering and igniting our internal healing mechanisms.

The setting for the four sessions of your training and group meditation is a beautiful 27-foot yurt with outdoor deck overlooking magnificent sandstone buttes and miles of desert terrain. An additional group meditation will be held in the Windows of the Earth Cave Sanctuary designed by artist Ra Paulette. A short 1/3-mile hike leads to the sanctuary, and all participants must be physically able to do the hike. Please see the tour information above on this page.

We are now accepting reservations for groups of six or more, with a maximum of 15 participants. Contact Origin for available dates.

$500 per person or $450 per person if the group size is six or more. This fee includes one group meditation in Windows of the Earth Sanctuary with optional chanting and/or sound healing session (25 minutes) with crystal singing bowls and essential oils at an additional price of $85.00 per person.

Please note: This course is taught over several days. Overnight lodging is available at Origin, or participants may choose to stay in Santa Fe or Taos and commute to the classes each day. Santa Fe is approximately 45 minutes each way. Taos is approximately an hour each way. Groups wishing to take the sound meditation course may book overnight lodging in our individual guest casitas, in the main lodge, or even rent the entire facility. Click here for information about lodging at Origin.


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