Point of Origin Oils Application Treatment

Our signature POINT OF ORIGIN incorporates a simple hands-on technique in conjunction with the power of therapeutic, medicinal grade essential oils to create a superior whole body wellness experience. The application technique, called AromaTouch, was developed by Dr. David Hill, chief medical officer of a leading brand of medicinal essential oils and widely acknowledged expert in integrative medicine. This clinical approach to essential oil application is a powerful, accessible way for everyone to experience the healing powers of essential oils. In the session, your therapist will apply the oils along energy meridians and visceral energy points, or “marma” points in the system of Ayurveda. Through loving, intuitive and attentive stimulation of these points on the back and feet, the oils will help to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body.

This treatment seeks to address four systemic constants that are present in daily living that may serve as impediments to vitality and homeostasis: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance or dis-ease. In accordance with Dr. Hills treatment protocol, he endorses this technique as one appropriate for any and every health situation. In his many years as a practicing physician, offering this technique all over the world, he says there has never been any person he has encountered, with any health issues, that would not benefit, safely, from this treatment. Origin’s offering of this technique enhances our teachings of the many benefits received from the medicinal essential oils, through an empirical experience, rather than a solely didactic understanding. We invite you to explore how POINT OF ORIGIN addresses your whole body, mind, and spirit needs and leads to profound overall systemic health benefits.Unlike traditional massage, this experience will introduce topically applied essential oils to produce a transformative whole-body experience . The many benefits of the AromaTouch Technique include: stress management, immune support , and support of your body’s autonomic balance. The session will start with a 15 minute consultation after which your therapist will hand select the oils that best support your unique needs for emotional and physiological functions and well-being.

During POINT OF ORIGIN, you will experience a series of 8 essential oils, applied to the back and feet. Anyone can benefit from this potent and loving technique. Those who might experience the most profound results are people in a highly stressed state, or those experiencing chronic pain from illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Back Pain, etc. Warm hot packs will be applied to the feet as part of this sensory journey. Accept the invitation into a deepening and ultimately invaluable relaxation as the session progresses. Many clients fall asleep and enjoy a restful slumber as part of this one of a kind grounding experience.


“I recently experienced a blissful treatment of Aroma Touch therapy from Jill Marie Inanna. Her technique was superb! I rate this by how I felt. I was able to FULLY relax and drop into that transcendental state of being nowhere but bliss while receiving the treatment. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone as it can allow one’s immune system to recharge with the life-force healing properties in the essential oils and the gentle hands on application from a gifted practitioner.”
– Candice Clair Oksenhorn
Aspen, CO


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