Facility and Guest Rentals

Rental of the facility and overnight accommodations are available for individuals, couples, families, groups/practitioners, and small events/parties.

Click here for details about our accommodations.



Windows of the Earth Cave Sanctuary Tours

World-renowned “cave digger” Ra Paulette has created a one-of-a-kind art-lined chamber bored into the center of a sandstone butte on the property of Origin at Rancho de San Juan near Ojo Caliente, New Mexico. We offer guided tours by reservation for those who wish to experience the beauty and majesty firsthand.

Tours are available throughout the spring season. Advance registration is required. Click here for the current schedule, fees and policies.

Find out more about the art cave here.



Paddle Board Rentals

A relaxing paddle board cruise on nearby Lake Abiquiu is the perfect accompaniment to your stay at Origin. Immerse yourself in the serene landscape where water and earth kiss the sky. Full- and half-day paddle board rentals are now available. The lake is about 35 minutes away by car. Our premier Northstar boards are fast, stable and fun to paddle! They’re easy to inflate and deflate, simple to transport, and can be enjoyed by paddlers of all ages and skill levels. Rates are $47 for half-day (9 AM-1 PM or 1-5 PM) and $60 for full day (9 AM-5 PM). Life vests and paddles included. Rentals are available for guests and others wishing to experience the beauty of our area by water. Call us for details and reservations: (505) 747-2374.



Sound Meditation Training

Primordial Sound Meditation instruction: Learn to meditate from a Chopra Center-certified instructor. Our program includes nine hours of instruction consisting of four sessions over several days.

Everyone and anyone can meditate. Successfully adopt this practice into your daily life with instruction in this ancient technique from India using the healing and profound sounds of nature as your mantra. Reawaken creativity, balance, and reconnect to your essential nature as a dynamic, vital, and whole being. Journey back to your stillpoint and your origin.

Revel in the opportunity to experience meditation in the Windows of the Earth cave sanctuary, a one-of-a-kind experience in transformation. Meditation helps us return to wholeness and vitality by alleviating the effects of stress and counteracting a wide range of health problems by empowering and igniting our internal healing mechanisms.

The setting for the four sessions of your training and group meditation is a beautiful 27-foot yurt with outdoor deck overlooking magnificent sandstone buttes and miles of desert terrain. An additional group meditation will be held in the Windows of the Earth Cave Sanctuary designed by artist Ra Paulette. A short 1/3-mile hike leads to the sanctuary, and all participants must be physically able to do the hike. Please see the tour information above on this page.

We are now accepting reservations for groups of six or more, with a maximum of 15 participants. Contact Origin for available dates.

$500 per person or $450 per person if the group size is six or more. This fee includes one group meditation in Windows of the Earth Sanctuary with optional chanting and/or sound healing session (25 minutes) with crystal singing bowls and essential oils at an additional price of $85.00 per person.

Please note: This course is taught over several days. Overnight lodging is available at Origin, or participants may choose to stay in Santa Fe or Taos and commute to the classes each day. Santa Fe is approximately 45 minutes each way. Taos is approximately an hour each way. Groups wishing to take the sound meditation course may book overnight lodging in our individual guest casitas, in the main lodge, or even rent the entire facility. Click here for information about lodging at Origin.



Sound Healing Sessions

Our signature Sound Healing Session for groups and individuals features tuning forks and crystal singing bowls in the sublime and serene Windows of the Earth Cave Sanctuary designed by Ra Paulette. The session includes a 10-minute meditation led by a certified meditation instructor and a brief ceremony with essential oils to ground your intention and invoke wholeness, followed by a 20-minute auditory experience with the crystal singing bowls and tuning forks, all in the enveloping sandstone cave environment.

Allow the wisdom of the plants and trees and Gaia herself to guide you through sound back to your point of creation. We use medicinal grade therapeutic oils of the highest quality to enhance your experience. A certified master medicinal aromatherapist will choose oils for the ceremony based on group needs or interests and/or health concerns. A short 1/3-mile hike leads to the sanctuary, and all participants must be physically able to do the hike. Click here to learn more about the Cave Sanctuary.

Allow approximately 2 hours
Groups of 8 or more only – $100/person
Contact Origin for available dates



Medicinal and Therapeutic Essential Oils Experience

Explore the highest quality essential oils and their multitude of health benefits with a certified master medicinal phyto-aromatherapist. We will customize your educational and experiential session based on health concerns or interests of the group. Possibilities include:

  • Explorations with oils to facilitate a deep and restful night of sleep
  • Oils as focusing agents for body, mind or spirit
  • Oils that guide women in hormonal shifts
  • Oils as a fabulous antidote to over-exertion or for increasing sports performance and recovery

Includes 30-minute educational offering about the basics of the oils and their safe use, plus a 30-minute empirical exploration of various oils and their corresponding beneficial properties.

This session will be taught in our beautiful 27-foot yurt with outdoor deck overlooking magnificent sandstone buttes and miles of desert terrain.

Participants will have the option of adding on a one-hour private consultation to work more intensively with the instructor on their individual health concerns or emotional or spiritual goals.

Groups of 6 or more:
Base price of session (various oils and their prices may change the rate ): 1 hour group session $100/person
Private consultation added on: 1 hour (includes 15 minute phone follow up) $125.00/person

Our medicinal and therapeutic-grade essential oils are also available for purchase at Origin.


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