A  5-Day Residential Writing Retreat

October 8-13, 2017

Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

All inclusive with Casita $5959.00

Has the noise of the world gotten so loud you can’t hear yourself clearly?

Do you long to write, rest, and deeply connect to yourself?

What would it mean for you to discover and share

what’s written on your soul? 

Set among the majestic sandstone buttes and under the expansive skies of the high New Mexico desert, this retreat is a unique opportunity to step out of the noise and chaos of the world and go deep into the sanctuary of your soul to discover what is written there.

You will slow down, get off the grid, and go on an inward  journey to excavate what is needed for you at this time. It could be the beginning or completion of your book, a new business or creative idea, or simply a renewed understanding of yourself so you can be in your life with more presence, focus, ease, joy and trust.

For 5 days you will be nourished in the practices of:

  • Alive Writing—where you will be guided through provocative prompts to go inward, access your soul-voice, and creatively and spontaneously write your soul’s story alive onto the page.
  • Spacious Wandering—where you will be completely free from any agenda so you can wander the enchanted landscape, dwell in the magic of the moment, and follow the desire of your soul—perhaps it’s a nap in the hammock, a pilgrimage in the labyrinth, following a bird or gazing at a lizard.
  • Sacred Embodiment—where you will be guided through yoga, meditation, and personal massage to fully integrate and ground your soul discoveries into your body so you can act upon and manifest them in the world.
  • Deep Listening & Community Sharing—where you will come together in a safe, supportive community to deeply listen to the power of your voice and the voices of others by sharing your raw words as a profound act of visibility and validation.

You will connect to your soul’s story

and bring it alive into the world!

*Space is very limited!

There is no Greater Time to Listen

to the Call of Your Soul Than Now…

Deep in your soul lives the One-Who-Knows.

The One-Who-Knows is your home, your ground, your clarity, your genius, your voice, your unshakable truth, and your indestructible life force.

The One-Who-Knows is the keeper of your soul’s story and reveals the light that comes from the darkness of your wounds.

The One-Who-Knows is calling you to wake up to the value of your story so you can share it as an act of healing for you, for others, and for the world.

In the Southwest the One-Who-Knows is called, La Que Sabe and she is the ancient bone-woman who lives within all of us. She is the vital, wild Self.

She lives in a hidden place in your soul. The place where your deep inner life funds your mundane life.

She speaks in a language that comes from the silence within things.

Her mission is to collect and preserve all that is in danger of being lost to the world.

She breathes life into what is ailing or in need of restoration.

What Makes This Retreat Unique…

A Luminous Cave Experience 

On this retreat you will have the rare and unique opportunity to experience a crystal bowl sound healing, write, and dwell in one of the most stunning spaces within Mother Earth, the “Windows of the Earth Cave Sanctuary.”

This wonderful subterranean space is a Ra Paulette Luminous Cave. It is a one-of-a-kind living art structure hand-carved into the center of a sandstone butte that towers above the high desert floor in Ojo Caliente, New Mexico.

This sacred earthen chamber will provide the perfect outer environment for your magical journey inward.

Ra Paulette is a world-renowned artist whose work has been detailed in the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Cavedigger. The exact location of most of Paulette’s caves are unknown and are not available to the public. It is truly a very rare opportunity to have the chance to enter and spend multiple days in one.

“My work uses solitude and the beauty of the natural world to create an experience

that fosters spiritual renewal and social and personal well being.”

–Ra Paulette

*Space is very limited!

In the Land of Enchantment…

The Written On Your Soul Retreat will take place at

Origin Retreat Center in Ojo Caliente, NM

October 8-13, 2017  

Steeped in a rich cultural and spiritual history, New Mexico is known as the “land of enchantment.”

Located a scenic 38 miles from Santa Fe,Origin is Northern New Mexico’s luxury guest resort with well appointed accommodations and facilities designed to provide sanctuary and nourishment and at all levels.

Nestled between Santa Fe and Taos,Origin comprises 145 tranquil acres in the high country of northern New Mexico.

The property offers expansive views of the Jemez Mountains, the Ojo Caliente River Valley, magnificent rock formations and the famous foothills of Georgia O’Keeffe country.